Absolutely hilarious at times, oddly enough... And the music started to develop this feeling of being like medicine. I came off stage and George Harrison, Michael Kamen and a huge crowd of others sang Happy Birthday to me. Will you be working on a new album? verses. In a similar way to how The double speed piano and hi hat bit in the middle of See Emily Play, the machine loop on the 1st breakdown of Sheep, backwards / forwards Farfisa on Dogs and Sheep, dogs barking through vocodors, tape loops of View Jon Carin’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. I have it all done in my head, and would love to do it, though. In the AOL music sessions videos, you describe David Gilmour's guitar playing style very well. What is your best memory related to your work with the Pink Floyd, David or Roger? When preparing to play with the Floyd live, is/was it a challenge finding the right synth patch to use, faithful to the recordings? “They walked here, too.” Or even “Did they use this loo?”. Votes: 250,274 | Gross: $96.40M I’ve never heard them improved. Are you a Sylvian fan yourself? After a fruitful afternoon at David's studio the same year, which produced Jon's The way instruments appear and then GO AWAY! influenced by his brother Steve Jansen. Playing to simply fill a hole is one of the most irritating traits a musician can possess. How do you plan on staying connected with them while not working in Floyd land? No need for a 'thank you', Martha. I did do an interview with that journalist about how A Momentary Lapse Of Reason and The Division Bell were made. Shouldn’t we all be in the streets protesting... well, just about EVERYTHING??? Jon Carin first met Gilmour through Live Aid (1985) as part of Bryan Ferry's backing band, in which Gilmour played guitar. I try to inhabit the spirit in which they were made. Jon married Bengta Erlandsson Hård (born Knutsdotter). Roger Waters has released a new recording and video for “The Gunner’s Dream.” The song from Pink Floyd’s 1983 album, The Final Cut, tells the story of a dying airman who dreams of a safer, better world, without war. While on the subject of James Guthrie, it is incredibly important to point out how his dedication to audio quality has virtually ensured that every Pink Floyd related release you buy is sonically What I like about Pink Floyd records is that they are, like Beatle records, the definitive versions of those songs. Or The Beatles. The problem is entirely mine. Adelaide for its bioorganic farming. Is it a great record or is it a great song? Media in category "Jon Carin" The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total. What was it like taking part in the performance? I wish him luck trying to save a planet that does not seem interested in saving itself. teacher called Henry Sweitzer who taught Music Concrete, synthesis on a Synthi AKS and tape SUMMER TIME GONE – trzydziesty czwarty singel japońskiej piosenkarki Mai Kuraki, wydany 31 sierpnia 2010 roku.Utwór tytułowy został wykorzystany w reklamie Esprique Precious firmy KOSE, jako 29 opening (odc. Other than that, I will be enjoying family life and chasing my yummy little daughter around and the other way around, and touring will seem 100 times easier! All rights reserved. “That'll do” is not in his vocabulary. (Which was outstanding btw, thank you for a superb performance). What Incredible. Whatever instrument I am NOT playing is the one I always want to play. TWITTER It is a tradeoff. If it is Shine On, he'll play B3, and I’ll do the rest. If so, do you need another guitarist? A new website, Publius Enigma, focused on Pink Floyd’s, Roger Waters’, Richard Wright’s, David Gilmour’s, and Nick Mason’s post-1983 efforts has launched, including a presence on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I decided ahead of time it would be a test. Walking on eggshells doesn't even begin to explain it.". But many of the interesting sounds on Floyd records utilize some form of Musique Concrete. I think he is an absolute genius and an extremely deep, creative person. He told me to enjoy my life. Kariera muzyczna. Truth Movement, Jon Carin & Nina Kristin]," and "Green Is the Colour (feat. I would really like to do a record of my own, but I don't want to waste my time doing it. Like the guys in Pink Floyd, an absolute one of a kind. I won't get all techno talk here, but they are fantastic synthesizers (if you are willing to go deep) and samplers and general sound manipulators. programmer. Jon Carin, Category: Artist, Top Tracks: Green is the Colour (feat. Had Dad been up for a few days with cocaine, or was he just smoking some weed, and he's just, you know, kind of mellow? I wanted to continue being an artist. I am only interested in CHARACTER. What gives? 942 talking about this. Roger is a great bassist. Very hand made. Better to choose musicians that love and respect your music, and just 'get it'. I was way down the food chain of concerns that day. Just anything but Reggae. The single, inspired by Polly Samson’s new book, and recorded with his daughter Romany Gilmour (on harp and vocal duties), will release on 7″ vinyl on November 27th, 2020. Or, leasing it out for an unspecified amount of time, anyway. He had a quiet confidence, and a warmth about him. committed, for lack of a better word. playing at these kind of mystic places, like Pink Floyd did in Pompeii quite some while ago? Jon Carin, naskiĝinta la la 21-an de oktobro 1964) en Novjorko, Usono, estas muzikisto ĉefe konata pro siaj kunlaboroj kun la rokgrupo Pink Floyd kaj ĝiaj anoj David Gilmour kaj Roger Waters, kaj The Who.Li komence de la 1980-aj jaroj famiĝis kun la grupo Industry It is filled with quotes from me that I never said. There is nothing whatsoever in common with David's band and Roger's band. Fashion Mall (across from Viewmont Mall) Dickson City, PA 18519 Phone: (570) 969-0778 Click here for the movie trailer, or visit the official movie site at www.thingswelostinthefire.com. Any final words or thoughts? And Eddie Vedder came up and sang alone with his guitar, refused to be filmed and recorded and blew everyone off of the stage. Podczas koncertu w Gdańsku, David Gilmour po raz kolejny udowodnił, że ma się świetnie. You can have an incredible arrangement of a mediocre song and a weak arrangement of a great song. I thought I'd be selling my soul. Rough mixes on a Mackie board. I cannot put into words the hell that city has been allowed to become. How did your involvement with PF begin? No. I enjoyed the first one much more. There is no way I can honestly talk about my feelings of Live 8 without hearing a voice screaming in my head that it wasn’t about my feelings of being at Live 8. Hopefully, privately. The interaction between the guys? various voices, tape delay, a piano note through a Leslie going “ping!”. Can you give us an update on the progress of Roger's studio albums? Jon Carin Backstage [Pic: Jon Carin, Facebook] Long time Pink Floyd family member Jon Carin has gone and released another epic track this time in tribute to John Lennon. The choices are made more in the sense of which instrument is used, rather than knob twiddling. Like much of the best parts of the music. Perhaps with Richard Butler? Not overly serious all the time. He co-wrote "Learning To Fly" with Gilmour, Bob Ezrin and Anthony Moore , and he handled samplers in A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (1987). Everything you hear me playing onstage is coming from those keyboards, and also the sounds that I program for Harry or Rick to use, as I supply them with all of the sounds they use, and they play my Kurzweils. Being on a long tour is an interesting thing. However, my natural role is sort of a musical director type, or a problem solver. Are there any other links between Sylvian and Floyd? I searched high and low in Lima for a Paddington Bear shop, museum, statue, airport... it says right on his tag “From the deepest, darkest, Peru”! Tell us more about your collaboration with former Psychedelic Furs frontman Richard Butler? When he would sing, softly and up close, he had the most fascinating tone. I started on a Synthi AKS in my school when I was 11 or so. For example, the drone on the front of Shine On is made from tuned wine glasses mixed with Solina and They may have added a Binson echo, wah wah, Leslie speaker, flanger, Uni-Vibe etc. Geothermal energy for heating etc. I always start from scratch. How do you see the role of technology in shaping how we connect with music? What was your role in the making of that album apart from playing all the instruments? Same with Rabbit. It would kill it to have it on those tracks. With the parallel 5ths rising and falling in the Could you tell me, which Sylvian song it was that inspired "Learning to Fly"? Jon Carin (ur. Gra głównie na instrumentach klawiszowych i śpiewa. The undersigned agrees to these conditions so that we can all have a perfect Hawaiian vacation." Who are some of your all-time favorite pop/rock artists/influences? Jon has 1 job listed on their profile. I longed for a family life for many years, and I value it very deeply. And Harry is really more of a jazz fan, anyway. We all want to thank you for your time and your generosity in answering these questions! And the favorite crowd? He is so incredibly good that it is easy to take it for granted because he does it so gracefully and so effortlessly and so eloquently. A lot of uncertainty and fear in the air. Roger bought the Synthi AKS as a gift for Harry to mess about with, but I haven't heard any noise coming out of it yet. En un día como hoy, 11 de enero de 2008 y según la disquera EMI, el ... dvd Remember That Night alcanza los primeros 5 lugares en Italia, Dinamarca y el 3er lugar en Reino Unido. It's not always in your hands. Hearing Learning To Fly on the radio for the first time, singing Dogs every night. I do it whether asked or not. Your “rig” if you will? Wish You Were Here – Lap Steel, Horn Synth, Piano, Vocal With Harry, he is just starting out, so I use him to just fill out what my two hands and feet can’t reach, in the same way as when I hired Andy Wallace for the In The Flesh tour in 1999. Very old and tatty and always empty. There are obvious differences in the two shows. James is an absolute sonic genius (and a fantastic guy), so it would be pointless to try to top that mix, and it has to be perfectly in sync with the fantastic visuals Roger has prepared, so I am adding sounds over his mix, as well as effects Roger, James & I have added in the studio onto his mix. What do you suggest? Erland was born in 1360, in Jønkøping, Sweden. I don’t think I ever heard stage sound like that before or after. Mobster and hit man Jimmy Conlon has one night to figure out where his loyalties lie: with his estranged son, Mike, whose life is in danger, or his longtime best friend, mob boss Shawn Maguire, who wants Mike to pay for the death of his own son. I'm not prone to take credit for anything. And what that means to me is that he has entirely his own sound, and the Every time it is different. Ponadto gra na gitarze akustycznej, elektrycznej i na basie. Aiming to defuse the altercation, she wrote out a "U.N.-style peace treaty" that said, "I, George Carlin/Brenda Carlin, will no longer snort cocaine, drink alcohol or argue with each other for the rest of the vacation. That is a real shame. Limewire or something. lots of bass, lots of acoustic guitar, lots of hand drums and percussion. Usually, wherever we are, I gravitate to the old towns. John Entwistle was the loveliest man. Very young. A light against Roger's dark verse. I got to meet Bill Clinton. How the hell do you do that? When he was living on St. Mark's Place in Manhattan, his building had a racquet ball court. Assembling them into a show is another thing. I had stayed home for the first four years of my daughters' life, so leaving to go anywhere was like having a piece of me torn out. We also braved enormously painful circumstances together during the making of that record. Jon had 2 siblings: Nils Peter and one other sibling . Are you tired? Analogue, please, for sound. I hear a sound in my head or on a record and match the tone. I think, as a generalization, modern culture leaves much to be desired. That rhythm section is hypnotic and has a sensuality and simplicity that makes everything you sit on top of it sound 2000 times better. Tags: Dave Kilminster, G.E. Both of our fathers died, and Richard was being forced to withstand super human amounts of pain from another situation, so our friendship and the music was our little sanctuary. But the real story is I missed my beautiful daughter terribly. Like in The Band. A particularly haunting story from a trip the Carlins took to Hawaii when Kelly was 11 stands out. Well, you can pretty much disregard anything from that article, as almost none of the quotes in it were actually said by me. Deep music lover. And he makes it incredibly difficult to ever play with another guitarist or sing with anyone else ever again. I enjoy my digital mucking around tremendously, though. ", On the show, Kelly was frank about her parents' history with substance abuse: "I could tell," Kelly read from her book, "Was Mom drunk? I have a finished picture of the sound in my head and if what I am hearing doesn't match the picture, I go slightly potty. And we went out and essentially carpet bombed the audience, who had just been weeping along to James Taylor minutes earlier. Backstage at Madison Square Garden August 1988. I would love to deliver it like David, but I seem to be leaning more into the Was she just waking up and had a hangover? 16K likes. GALLERY OF SOUND 186 Mundy St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 Phone: (570) 829-3603. I'll print out my iPod Playlist at some point. I don't care. I recently read an interview where you bore some responsibility in putting together the 1994 Pink Floyd performance of Dark Side, how would you describe your role in helping that happen? When we do the albums and tours, I supply him with all of the sounds he plays. It is random. How do the two of you decide (in particular with Rick) which parts to play in each song? Perhaps with Richard Butler? exciting moments are the dangerous ones where you are allowed to explore the outer reaches of your Even this interview is a bit painful in that department; consequently, I tend to play down my contributions to the albums and tours. Are you in tune with yourself tonight? I would work with him any time he asked me to. The groundbreaking comedian and social satirist shot 14 specials for HBO; the first, George Carlin at USC, featured his infamous "Seven Dirty Words" bit while his final one, It's Bad For Ya, was televised live mere months before his death. What was your favorite city to visit and why? Underneath that album runs a very deep subterranean river of synths and soundscapes, and none of it is what it appears to be. Eddie Vedder, I think is fantastic, as well. While performing with Roger and David, what are the differences you see in how they both approach playing the Floyd classics? If so, do you need another guitarist? Jon Carin Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Jon Carin (born October 21, 1964, in New York City, New York) is a producer, artist and musician best known for his association with Pink Floyd, and more specifically its guitarist David Gilmour and former member Roger Waters. Ingegerd was born circa 1366, in Malmøhu, Sweden. I wasn't aware he was doing a solo project. rhythm section of Roger and Nick is fantastic. "The coke was running low," read Kelly. Na jego wczorajszym występie bawiło się prawie 50 tys. A place we could go inside ourselves to deal with all of this. Which songs from the Floyd catalogue would you like to perform that you haven’t performed yet? itself is like a synthesizer texture at times. Not in that order. All of the members of Pink Floyd, past and present, have it in bucket loads. Have you been working with Rick Wright on his solo project? It's hopeless. How would you describe Roger's style as a bass player? It was the last time we ever spoke before he died. A Pink Floyd member reacted to … One of the great things about an album like The Dark Side Of The Moon, for example, is what is NOT David Gilmour and Daughter Romany Gilmour David and Romany Gilmour’s Yes I Have Ghosts single is to be released in a limited 5K batch of Vinyl as part of the next drop of Record Store Day releases. (I LOVE playing with Rabbit, by the way!!!). David Gilmour Rattle That Rock World Tour - Buenos Aires (23485578389).jpg 2,999 × 1,999; 1.76 MB If you are competing with timeless architecture, then use that as your So many factors dictate your level of performance. We are treating the Floyd material reverently, almost as one would treat a classical piece. If that doesn't make sense, I am sorry. Storm Thorgerson is the keeper of the visual identity of the band (I could give you 10 paragraphs on Storm if pressed, I love him dearly). pressure! Space is key. "This Feeling" is a song by the English female singer-songwriter Sam Brown, written by Brown, and Margo Buchanan. A 'special' place doesn't dictate a special show. We wrote everything together. You know when some multimillionaire rock or movie star records their kid in their million dollar studio and tries to turn them into a star ? In the front room! And hopefully the MP3 is a terrible temporary solution for lack of storage. I think we both feel this frees him up to be able to just play and not have to concentrate on the technical side at all. And Jon Carin discography and songs: Music profile for Jon Carin, born 21 October 1964. So when we were in Dubai, you see all of this modern rubbish that already looks dated, indoor ski runs in shopping malls etc., but there is a very pretty old town with spice markets etc... much more my speed. If so, can you tell us about it? He played piano and I did the rest. On a sad, related note, we lost one of the best monitor sound men in the business, John Roden, recently to cancer. Kelly Carlin-McCall, daughter of late comedian George Carlin, has written a memoir called A Carlin Home Companion about the ups and downs of a childhood with her famous father, including his drug problems. It is a big interest of mine. And on the last tour, Dogs. Is it difficult to be creative or motivated on certain nights? Jon Carin BIO Jon has been a part of the Pink Floyd family for over 30 years, having met David Gilmour at Live Aid whilst playing in Bryan Ferry's band together, as Jon had been on Bryan's Boys And Girls record. 3:51 PM PDT 9/17/2015 Jon Carin (born October 21, 1964, in New York City, New York) is a producer, artist and musician best known for his association with Pink Floyd, and more specifically its guitarist David Gilmour and former member Roger Waters over the last twenty seven years. He is my match in enthusiasm in all things “quest”! How would I describe Roger's overall style? Functioning like a modern blues. By anyone. And rightfully so. I was essentially a child. 21 października 1964 w Nowym Jorku) – amerykański muzyk, producent, twórca tekstów i programista. Pink Floyd singer/guitarist David Gilmour discussed his feud with Roger Waters on The Lost Art of Conversation with Matt Everitt. Code Red would ensue, and my It is an extremely relaxed, laid back feeling. You have frequently worked with other keyboardists on your various tours (Rick Wright, Rabbit Bundrick, Harry Waters). The engine room recordings on the front of Welcome To The Machine. No, that would be a violation of the Recording Privacy Act of 1999. When he plays and sings, he just makes THAT SOUND. So it was a real mix of magic and loss. talent. First released back in July of this year, David Gilmour’s first single in 5 years, “ Yes I Have Ghosts,” is getting a vinyl release via Black Friday Record Store Day 2020. Are you involved in any way with Roger's work-in-progress solo album(s)? We made that record in his old flat on Ladbroke Grove in London. You can also make a mediocre song appear great, simply through arrangement and performance. I met David at the Live Aid rehearsals in 1985. Which type of show do you prefer to play - large elaborate gigs or small intimate venues? Sorry, but please throw that Mojo magazine in the trash. is the debut studio album by the English female singer-songwriter Sam Brown. But Into the Wild wasn’t Chris’s entire story, and what remained unsaid lived within me. It is a cliché, but the indoor arenas, like Madison Square Garden, are probably the perfect place for this music. played. Han spiller keyboard, guitar, trommer, bas og er producer. They do everything I need them to do, and they are in the process of updating the things that need I played all of the instruments, engineered, produced... all on very minimal I’ve spent a lot of … Continue reading Jon Carin → identity would be erased. Kelly Carlin-McCall describes a childhood alongside her father's edgy shows, cocaine addiction, alcoholism, health scares and massive IRS debt. David's ensemble featured fellow Pink Floyd member Richard Wright, as well as Phil Manzanera, Guy Pratt, Jon Carin… But also, are the acoustics strange? SO much fatter, richer. Great guy. emotional and rewarding nights of my life. The fun is always out... there! So if it is Time for example, he just plays electric piano and I do the rest. If so, do you need another guitarist? A similar He allows his intuition as a consummate musician to guide him, through his personal taste. How would you describe the overall mood of that night? We were both very recently out of our respective bands (his, slightly more well known than mine) and probably wondering what to do with the rest of our lives. Whenever Eddie has joined Pete and me onstage, it has been wonderful. But, I do wonder quite often if places hold energy or memories. What are your thoughts on Analogue vs. Digital? But he is also completely underrated as a synthesizer pioneer (even though the songs his synthesizers are the most famous on are not actually synthesizers, they are home organs). disregard for the future. Speaking to my grandfather on a payphone from Jon Erlandsson Hard was born circa 1390, at birth place, to Erland Jonsson Hård and Ingegerd Jonsson Hård (born Knutsdotter Bengt Algotssons Att). He will only instruct if he hears something that jars him. Waxed string and two cans? Jon Carin (fødd 21. oktober 1964) er ein produsent, artist og musikar, mest kjend for arbeidet sitt med Pink Floyd og meir spesifikt gitaristen David Gilmour og tidlegare medlem Roger Waters dei siste 25 åra. Although The Who were absolutely incredible. synthesizers are fairly easy to imitate if you know what you are doing. Whenever I was in London for another project, I'd sneak over in the middle of the night and work on that record. The musicians play with completely different feels, intents and velocities, so I tailor what I do accordingly. Jon Edvin 1880 1896 Jon Edvin in Sweden Household Examination Books, 1860-1947 Jon Edvin was born on month day 1880, at birth place , to Gudmund Svensson and Johanna Nilsdr. Well, when I went to sing that part on Roger's tour, the arrangement was being played so much harder and more aggressively than on the record, and there are 4 backing vocalists singing along, that I have to practically shout it out over the music just to hear myself, and this put a different slant on the lyric that is sort of interesting in its own way. We work-shopped the songs for her debut CD and I co-wrote The Maker with her. What will move you on an emotional level. I have recorded in studios where people like John Lennon or Bob Dylan have worked and wondered about that. Privacy Policy | Stop. The website will provide “an additional focus on, and an expansive view of the studio and touring musicians associated with them.” You can feel great and have an odd show, you can feel fed up and have an incredible show. I miss him. Songs by Jon Carin start at $0.99. Smith and keyboardist Jon Carin. Nie miał racji. The lights, the visuals work the best, the sound is the best, there is space Breathe, Home  -  Lap Steel, B3, Farfisa, Wurlitzer, high harmony vocal. Alternatively, you can download it from iTunes. widzów. Do you have to use different sounds, or tweak your settings to Simple, concise, hypnotic and to the point with a minimum of A Pillow Of Winds, Chapter 24, Fearless, Nobody Home, Pigs, The Scarecrow, Lucifer Sam, Scream Thy Last Scream... With David, Comfortably Numb. Wolfe and Laessig are the only ones who apparently are quarantining together. What were your personal feelings at Live8? And just like life, it is illusive. © 2021 The Hollywood Reporter, LLC. He also wrote several songs or composed the music for some of the songs. Wasn't Prince Charles advocating that at some point? Being stationary at a keyboard rig makes me feel like I am working the catering table at a big party. He tends to break the song down to its molecular level to make sure he is getting the most out of it he can. Medicated, but brutally honest. Just so it is clear, I can't stand 'musos'. Shanghai was terrifying from the standpoint of pollution, sprawl, and complete Remember That Night grabado en 2006 en Rotal Albert Hall. revelation to the one I had with Richard Butler, in that I heard his voice in a new way. Well, slightly less than one would think. It is the one built on testosterone and adrenaline, with a Sufi undertone. Another is Martha Wainwright. I'll pack my bags. Completely indespensible as a friend and Floyd compadre. Huge fun. Can you tell us about other personal projects that you have done? It is so easy to misunderstand the chemistry of the sound and play it busier or harder or just plain wrong. Other than that, I will be enjoying family life and chasing my yummy little daughter around and the other way around, and touring will seem 100 times easier! Otherwise, it was a major star fest backstage, without an utterance of Africa or poverty. Later, he moved out of the city, near to where I was living, and we started to write, mostly for enjoyment at my house, and it started turning into a record.