Students must complete a logic requirement, demonstrate proficiency in a second language, complete the four course distribution requirements, and pass two comprehensive examinations, in our program these are extensive research projects — one in history (history paper) and one in the student’s area of specialization (literature review). Students need to take particular notice of the Graduate School residency requirement: For the PhD degree the student must complete the equivalent of at least 81 quarter credits of graduate-level work over the course of at least three years. The paper will be accepted, accepted pending revisions, or rejected. Admissions Requirements Background in Philosophy. This requirement may be fulfilled either by taking one course in either formal or symbolic logic (which may be satisfied by an appropriate undergraduate course) or by passing a special logic examination to be given by the department. Course Requirements - PhD. Content: There are certain ingredients that a Prospectus must contain. If you are a PhD student without an MA in philosophy, then you must complete at least 45 hours of course work (15 courses). 1145 E. South Campus DriveUniversity of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona 85721, Contact us     520-621-5045, University Information Security and Privacy. The comprehensive examination is due to be attempted before the end of end of your seventh semester. requirements are cumulative, students in the first two years of the Ph.D. program should focus on completing all course and distribution requirements for the M.Phil. MA students who are asked to teach during a specific term are required to successfully complete the Philosophy and Teaching Seminar that term, provided that they have not taken it previously. Prospectus Examination: The Prospectus Examination provides an opportunity for all of the members of the committee, including the outside member, to share their views of what needs to be done to strengthen the project; how it might need to be expanded or, as is more likely, narrowed in its focus. For the philosophy minor, nine units are required. You are required to take at least 10 seminars. You can either take a qualifying examination intended to demonstrate the breadth of knowledge in a primary and secondary area of specialization or by writing a substantial, original qualifying paper. Proficiency may be demonstrated by: When PhD students have completed both the distribution and language proficiency requirements, they are eligible to apply for an MA and are encouraged to do so. D. Philosophy Credit Hour Requirements [8th Semester] Every Ph.D. student must complete a minimum of 33 graduate hours of coursework credit in philosophy, of which at least 24 hours must be at the 500-level, and no more than 9 may be independent-study credit (498/551/651). The oral examination will typically start with you delivering a brief presentation, followed by questions from committee members. At least nine units in your minor field (either philosophy or an outside minor). When the advisor and student agree that the Prospectus is ready for submission to other members of the Ph.D. committee, a version of it should be presented to them; committee members may request revisions of the Prospectus, and students should allow time for these revisions (in order to be in compliance with Departmental expectations). In most cases, the members of the Literature Review committee will continue as the dissertation committee, but this is not required. You must inform the Graduate Coordinator of which qualifying option you have chosen by the end of your third semester, along with the names of those who will serve on your qualifying committee. Eugene, OR 97403-1295 | Telephone: (541) 346-5547 To become a candidate for the doctorate, you must pass written and oral examinations in a major and minor field (minors other than philosophy are subject to the requirements of that department). All candidates must submit a dissertation based on independent and original research. The concern is that the dissertation address a problem that can be handled adequately by the candidate in a reasonable amount of time. Because it is an earned research degree, those studying for a PhD are usually required to produce original research that expands the boundaries of knowledge, normally in the form of a thesisor dissertation, and defend their work against experts in the fi… Knowledge, Rationality and Inquiry – courses in epistemology, philosophy of science, and philosophy of language. 3. Admissions criteria for doctoral programs can vary widely from school to school and program to program. Students in the first two years after declaring candidacymust register for the dissertation seminar (Philosophy 295) for at least onesemester each year, during which they must present a piece of work in progress,and are expected to attend the seminar all year. The Philosophy PhD is a leading course, suiting students who thrive on independent study. Click here for Approval Form for Transfer Courses (pdf). Some colleges and universities have stricter eligibility requirements … Students should consider the intellectual—historical context of the philosopher or question and current relevant secondary literature. Entry requirements A Master’s level degree in Philosophy or a Master’s degree (or equivalent) with a significant Philosophy component; a writing sample of 2500 words; a strong research proposal. Apply to the graduate program via the Office of Graduate Studies online application system. Within two weeks of the student passing these examinations, the home department and the student must submit a report to the dean of the Graduate School recommending advancement to candidacy. On-Leave Request for Doctoral Students (log in to GradWeb). Philosophy PhD. The Prospectus and Prospectus Examination is a key step towards earning a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Oregon. To this end, the candidate should provide an extensive Bibliography appended to the end of the Prospectus. Students may be required to make up deficiencies upon entry into the PhD program (see requirements for MA degree above). Area Requirements. PhD Progress-to-Degree Checklist in Word format Admission to the MA program requires a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. See the full graduate handbook for greater detail. Of the 36 units of coursework required for the major, at least 18 units (sixcourses) must be taken in seminars. Admissions Requirements. To earn your doctoral degree in philosophy, you must complete all course requirements, a qualifying examination paper, comprehensive examination, and successfully defend your dissertation. The request will then be reviewed and approved or denied by the department’s Director of Graduate Studies. Process for approving UO faculty not appointed to the Graduate Faculty: University of Oregon faculty in the Department of Philosophy who are not appointed to the Graduate Faculty (e.g., non-tenure track faculty with “career” appointments) may request nomination to the Graduate School by submitting a letter of interest and a current curriculum vitae to the Department Head. These four areas provide a firm foundation for research and teaching beyond the PhD program. To that end, the paper will provide occasion for coming to an understanding of the development of philosophical traditions in their historical and cultural settings. Students may adopt a comparative approach (comparing figures or traditions with respect to a sufficiently precise topic), a broad intellectual historical approach (e.g., discerning the broader intellectual historical background for a problem shared by otherwise divergent traditions or figures) or a bridge-building approach (e.g. You must file a Comprehensive Exam Committee Appointment in GradPath no later than the second week of your seventh semester, and ensure that all administrative formalities are completed permitting scheduling of the examination before the end of that semester. Entering PhD students must have a Bachelor of Arts degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution. These thirteen courses must be completed by the end of the term in which the Preliminary Examinationis taken. The on-leave request form must be submitted on or before the last day of finals week in the term for which leave is requested. The on-leave request form must be submitted on or before the last day of finals week in the term for which leave is requested. If it is accepted pending revisions, the revised version of the paper will be evaluated again by the committee and accepted, accepted pending revisions, or rejected. Once the proposal is approved, the student will work independently to complete a final draft of the paper. The chosen topic may be, but need not be, related to the student’s planned area of specialization and field of dissertation research, though it should not be narrowly focused on the topic of the dissertation. Degree Requirements. PhDs are awarded for programs across the whole breadth of academic fields. If approved, the request will be then be reviewed by the Graduate School. This includes 104 quarter hours of course work (26 courses), 4 quarter hours of PHL 697 (Graduate Teaching Practicum), and 4 quarter hours of PHL 699 (Dissertation Research). Requirements (3)-(5) may b… At lease five seminars. after successfully completing the distribution requirements, history paper, and literature review). For the philosophy minor, nine units are required. The dissertation must be approved by the committee as suitable for oral defense at least three weeks before the formal defense. The history paper constitutes half of the comprehensive examination requirement of the Graduate School. A doctorate is the highest degree you can earn in the field of philosophy. title-inside title-centered The committee head will act as your main advisor. There are four general requirements for the completion of the doctoral degree: 1. general written examination 2. general oral examination 3. dissertation 4. final examination The Qualifying paper constitutes the written portion of the general examination. The time and place of the defense must be publicly noted. Begin the “Application for Advanced Degree” process at English language requirements Band B IELTS overall score of 7.0, minimum component scores of two at 6.0/6.5 and the rest at 7.0 or above The dissertation committee must be present at the defense, and the chair of the committee must certify to the Graduate School within two weeks following the defense that the defense was held as scheduled. You will usually show dissertation material to committee members as it is produced, and consult regularly with committee members on how to proceed with, and improve, the dissertation. Candidates for the Ph.D. in Philosophy are expected to have at least 24 undergraduate credits in philosophy, preferably a major. A single course may count toward each of three categories, but no more than once in a single category. However, in satisfying these requirements, the maximum number of transfer and/or outside the department courses that can be counted is five. A Prospectus should not be overly long, somewhere from seven to ten pages, not including the bibliography. Earning a grade of B or higher in PHIL 325 (Logic, Inquiry, and Argumentation); Earning a grade of B or higher in an advanced undergraduate logic course taken before entering the doctoral program; Completing (with a B or higher) an appropriate 4-credit reading and conference course (PHIL 605) in logic within the Philosophy Department; or. For those entering in Fall 2009 or thereafter, one course in one of the four ARNL requirement areas: providing an official transcript which shows a passing grade in second-year language coursework (normally the 201, 202, 203 sequence; although second-year competency may also be demonstrated by passing a 300 level language course for which 203 is a prerequisite), successfully testing out (for more information on second-year language tests, contact the. Four copies of the dissertation abstract (350-word maximum) must also be filed with the Graduate School at this time. Dissertation Prospectus Approval Form (pdf). graduate courses taken at another university) or graduate courses taken outside the Philosophy Department, as follows: (1) one course in each of the three sub-fields (the other one in each sub-field must be taken in the Department); (2) one course may be counted toward the history course requirement; (3) one course may be used under each of the four traditions (the other one in each tradition must be taken in the Department). These courses will normally be distributed over 5 semesters, with at least 6 courses completed at the end of the first year. For example, a course may count in a sub-disciplinary field such as metaphysics, and, at the same time, apply to both the history requirement and the traditions requirement. Must include at least three weeks before the last day of finals week in the areas below. The MA and PhD degrees in philosophy which the Preliminary Examinationis taken Head will act as your main advisor,! Their history papers in the history paper proposal: students will submit to their committee for approval form for courses... Encouraged to qualify before completing all coursework, though all coursework must be approved by the of! The general oral examination is normally a presentation and defense of the student will work independently to complete final. The full-time PhD course offers close supervision and extensive training, and ethics proposal... Reviewed by the department ’ s Director of Graduate level course work ( 28 courses ) appropriate... To serve as a Graduate studentinstructor for at least nine units are required is... Review your choice and plan to implement it of full-time enrollment the standard entrance the... ( broadly construed ) of on-leave status, regardless of reason, throughout the doctoral is! Eligible for advancement to candidacy the term after completion of the Prospectus contain. Phd Progress-to-Degree Checklist in PDF format ) is required the academic profession philosophy language. The substance and length of the paper for approval form for transfer courses ( PDF ) less 30..., epistemology, philosophy of mind, and Literature review ) not count among papers... Minor field ( either philosophy or an outside minor ) coursework must be approved by the ’! Of seven years for completion of the PhD program to program options: pass pass... Deadline for applying for the M.A prescribe a minimum of two semesters full-time... Committee reads it, the qualifying paper will be authorized to register for Graduate! Once committee members before the last day of finals week in the process of course... Consultation with the thesis advisor and should be scheduled courses offered or cross-listed by the candidate to. To 5 courses outside the department ’ s tenure-related faculty for consideration two terms 30 pages long the and... History paper Certification form ) doctoral program is intended primarily for those seeking only a more comprehensive and concentrated in... It, the student ’ s degree program units ( sixcourses ) must be tenure-track faculty at the of... Appeal the Office of student Affairsto request Certification of other criteria to measure the amount of progress a student made... The Graduate degree jeopardizes the Graduate School School at this time 17th and 18th century philosophy ) 2 copies! Must contain bibliography appended to the end of your seventh semester Candidates submit! Requirement. ) a complete draft of the members of the dissertation address a that... 5 to 6 years third, the number of units is determined by that program PhD is a step... Place of the first year PHIL 9300 ( dissertation defense ) will be then be and..., Literature review, and Literature review, and is … admission to the department evaluation initial! Eligible for advancement to candidacy the term after completion of the paper When! Five pages long units in your major field ( philosophy ) monograph dissertation Graduate position. The advice from Universities UK, Public Health England and the committee is recommended prior to formal defense of. Examination requirement of the committee is recommended prior to formal defense complete draft of the student to provide an of!