A jigging spoon has been a staple over the years for deep wintering fish. How important is retrieve speed in cold water? One of my favorite baits is a 6-to9-inch Photofinish Sassy Shad on ¾-to 1-ounce jig head with a 7/0 hook. Tip: I use a lighter one a lot of the time to get a slower fall in the winter. All the bass want to do right now is eat. Something like a Fish Head Underspins or a Buckeye SuSpin with a small swimbait or shad tail like the Optimum Opti Shad or Basstrix can easily mimic a shad in cold water that might have a slight stain to it. Just let the bait flutter down a few feet then pull it back up. … Make sure you always use glass with brass weights. 3879579.jpg. Winter schools of bass will be relating to deeper structure. I prefer fishing the larger size class of this lure when targeting bass for this reason. First, they reduce the amount of tackle you need to carry. When bass get like this, the term most often used to describe them is lethargic. During the winter months, you may read a lot of articles about jigs and spinnerbaits, and how to use them for cold-water bass. This includes steep vertical shorelines, creekbed channel swings near shore, and deep trees. As it gets later the ice will eventually come, but there have been many years lately when the snow is on the ground and open water is still being fished. The way I approach bass/lure fishing in Winter is: ... December, during a relatively cold spell for South Devon (wiping frost from the windscreen) I was up and about nice and early. So on most days you have to bring the full force of your arsenal to get bit. Early winter fishing isn't all that tough. 5 Best Baits for Early Fall Bass What bass lures and baits should an angler use during the early days of fall? by Douglas Haynes December 9, 2020, 11:11 am 1.2k Views. shares; You May Also Like. Bass Fishing in the southern half of the country is going strong in the late winter. When the temperature starts to dip into the 30s and 40s, it’s easy to pack up your gear and tuck in for the winter, but you’re accepting defeat if you do that. You need to cater to your environment to give yourself the best chance of catching the most bass. Winter bass fishing offers a great shot at BIG bass! Another great thing about spinnerbaits is that they can be easily customized. The fish prefer a slow-moving prey or one that is stationary so they don’t have to move much to eat. The winter air cools water temperatures dramatically. Topwater: "There are many kinds of topwater out there that will work, but I personally prefer a buzzbait or a walking style bait during the early fall," said Scanlon, who once fished the Major League Fishing Select circuit. January 21, 2011. It was 20 degrees below zero at my house last week. February 16, 2015 By Skipper Mark. In late fall and winter, Bass feed on other fish. Choose small baits in the .25oz to 0.5oz range. You need to get much closer to the bass during the winter because they’re not going to chase your lure all over the lake; the best strategy is to vertically jig right in their face, so … They all work well along the bottom and continue to have good action at slower speeds. site: sports | ptype: stories | pageType: stories | The winter brings on tough fishing conditions, not to mention uncomfortable fishing conditions. Slow might not even be the right word, we are talking about casting a lure out and retrieving it for five or more minutes sometimes. Your water is somewhere around 50 degrees. So spend time looking for deep concentrations of bait, cover and bass and realize fish use the smallest percentage of the lake of any other time of the year. Tip: Slack is critical so learn to drop or cast the spoon and watch your line as it falls. Before you hit the lake, make sure you take these jig fishing tips into consideration. First, the Jig and Pig. This means you are going to be sitting still for long periods, which can make you feel even colder than you thought you’d be while getting our to a spot. Both traditional bass jigs as well as hair jigs. Top Jerkbait Pick. Both models work in the same way, they are “jerked” between pauses, causing the bait to dart in different directions. Bass Fishing Video. I've incorporated mimicking this kick-and-float behavior into chasing winter bass with deep diving suspending jerkbaits. The ability to hop it, wind it, pump it and work it various ways both near the bottom and up in the strike zone make this simple tear drop lure a dynamite presentation. Ideal Locations to Use Crawfish Lures for Bass I work it aggressively for 10-15 seconds then I dead stick it for 20-30 and then repeat. Tip: I'm normally fishing this on fairly open rocky banks with occasional stumps or laydowns. These baits work for catching largemouth, but are especially well known for being deadly smallmouth bass lures. I think the subtle vibration, couple with the clinking and clacking over rocks, draws those deep bass in for a closer look and the slow crawl is easy for them to run down. These are tried and true methods that will help you catch more fish when wintertime fishing gets tough!! That's the combination that'll work best. A small tackle box and a few bags of soft plastics make you more mobile and adaptable in almost any situation when bank fishing. Tune in as I go over my TOP 5 Power Fishing Lures for Early Winter … source. Big bass really group up in holes in the winter if you have a lake where the average depth is less than what is adequate for the fish to stay in a more stable environment. This is when fluorocarbon makes the best choice for line type. The chatterbait is a tight wobbling bait that set-ups perfectly for springtime fishing. Early bass fishing lures are different from late fall bass fishing lures, and those are different from winter lures. It is extremely noisy and attracts bass from a distant cover and structure. Jerkbaits have a baitfish profile, erratic action, and they suspend – which is a key for triggering bites from cold water bass. FLW Tour pro Casey Scanlon said it should be these five lures. That's the combination that'll work best. Going lure fishing in the middle of what is turning out to be a seriously cold winter is not something I would usually be doing, but when Nathan Taylor and his dad Robert say they are going and that they fancy a few fish, you sit up and listen. Late fall, early winter smallmouth. TOP 5 Power Fishing Lures for Early Winter Bass Fishing! The best jigging method for cold water is letting the bait sink to the bottom and sit there. Having addressed their "tendencies," here are my 8 choices for targeting and catching sluggish cold water bass and some tips on how to make them more effective. So I want to stack the deck in my favor with very natural presentations, trimmed skirts, natural chunk  colors to give the bass a real meal looking profile. This is in part because they are quite versatile and can be fished from the top to bottom depths of rivers and lakes. It was just over a year ago when a client of mine (Martin) landed a splendid 61cm bass (full story here) on a lure that I’d taken a shine to after spotting it in his lure box – the Sunslicker Mishna Eel. From topwater to the bottom, you can cover all levels of the water column and catch bass no matter what the conditions or time of year. Industry News; Inside Elite Boats ; Beginner's Tacklebox; Elite Man Caves; Bass Life; Enter a keyword . Late Fall early Winter junk fishing for bass can be feast or famine. Covering water is key, and there are few baits better for that then the chatterbait. How long you let the jig sit is an adjustment you will have to make, but twenty to thirty second pauses between drags is a good start. The Best Time to Use Crawfish Lures for Bass Fishing. The best lures for this kind of fishing are tight-wiggling wooden crankbaits, small spinnerbaits and finesse or trick worms in natural colors. Furthermore, these bass fishing lures allow you to fish all situations. Of course this has a lot to due with how much energy a bass is expending, which during the winter is typically very little. Stick Worms Are the Definition of Versatile. The young threadfin shad is a favorite bass food this time of year. In this episode of “Ike in the Shop,” we are talking about POWER FISHING! This forage is easy to imitate with a crankbait. They all work well along the bottom and continue to have good action at slower speeds. As Google graciously indicated at the top of this story, jigs are a good bet. Using the right fall bass lures can keep bass fishing rolling strong right into the start of winter. Look around, what colors do you see? December 7, 2018. They’re primed to bite once it’s safe to venture onto key spots. When you are fishing deep flats, a lure you can cast and wind slowly along the bottom or up off the bottom if you find the bass suspended can be the ticket. Bass will sometimes watch a bait sit still for a full minute or longer before deciding to strike. A suspending stickbait is one of Steve Dickey’s favorite lures when late winter bass stage on transition banks. To be successful at bass fishing in Winter, here are the 9 most productive Winter bass lures that will help catch fish at all depths during winter. When bass suspend in vertical cover, a grub can be a dynamite lure to catch those otherwise stationary bass. Fact is, this bait really shines when the water is ultra cold. Late-fall, Early-winter Shore Fishing. The sound, flash and water displacement in clear water can all lead big bass out of deep haunts to grab a quick easy meal. I often cast out a few yards from the boat and hop it around to cover a small circular area where I think the bass are holding and being out away from the boat helps me watch my slack a little easier as well. Think it stopped too early, reel up fast and set the hook. First, bass don't need to feed every day. Here’s a succinct rundown of those, with a focus on artificial lures and fishing open water in mid-winter … It remains even today as one of the best sea fishing books ever written. Tip: I will fish a blade bait like a lipless rattling bait and just slowly wind it along, hoping it bumps a rock or two. Prespawn bass fishing with jigs can easily result in some of your biggest fish of the year. There are some upsides to winter fishing though, and the main one is that you can catch big bass during the winter months. 6-keys: sports/wired2fish//// Choose Best Winter Bass Baits. Cabela's. 43223439_1249323695210373_5812729139777503232_n.jpg . A few simple facts will hopefully give you better perspective and hopefully some tips on tackle will make your quest to catch bass a little easier this winter. The late winter season in a bass’ life means slight movement from the deep wintering areas to pre-transitional areas. To an extent, all anglers probably fall victim to "rut fishing" at some point throughout the year, and winter can be the worst time to be in a rut about how you approach your fishing. Wherever you pursue winter bass fishing, there are certain lure types that stand out, and methods to use them. I wrote an article years ago about "The Best Cold Water Crankbait Ever" and most guys worth their salt in bass fishing know I was referring to the Shad Rap. Patience and slow retrieves are essential for winter bass fishing. Lures for Winter Bass Fishing. Also, they stay with their friends, so if one bass isn't eating today, chances are a buddy right next to him is. An example of a big bass wintering hole is a ditch 20 to 30 feet deep in the middle of a long creek arm featuring an expansive flat. It looks like nothing, but it casts like a rock, gets to the bottom and into the strike zone with blazing speed and can be worked in place easily on a vertical presentation with a simple snap and fall on slack line. Folks at Home! I will add lead golfers tape or a few extra split rings to make my deep suspending jerkbaits slowly sink after a rip or pull so they look like a shad struggling to stay afloat. No fishing season is more hotly anticipated than the first-ice walleye bite, which begs the question: What are the top winter walleye lures? Some bass lures work better at slow retrievals than others, so we broke down the best lures to use for winter bass. Many days during the winter, bass have lockjaw and will only move a short distance for food. For this reason, slow moving baits make the best winter bass lures. Early spring bass fishing doesn’t have to be complicated with a bunch of different lures. Winter bass fishing requires a lot of patience because you have to fish slowly and tediously most of the time. They populate an area that has food and deep water nearby and hover there until early spring. The number of pros that have one tied on their deck in coldwater tournaments is staggering and a testament to how much confidence that one crankbait has brought guys fishing for bass in ultra cold clean water. Energy conservation becomes a main focus for bass in the winter. Subscribe on YouTube. They matter more than anything else. I’m up in Canada, and fall is long past. For a soft jerkbait, the reaction is a result of a jerk while the bait is naturally sinking, or while it’s at rest on the bottom. Some anglers may tell you they fish just as fast in winter as they do in spring. Late winter bass fishing prospects improve everywhere as waters warm. 9. During the summer, bright neon colors are the best choice. 2. A hard, suspending jerkbait is my number one choice during the winter and is an excellent lure for targeting sluggish bass. And I just smile when I hear guys tell me bass won't bite plastics in cold water. Think heavy metal: not the loud, angry noise a rebellious teenager might blast from their favorite device, but rather spoons and blade baits. I really like the new Strike King KVD Dream Shot and the new Berkley Twitchtail Minnow for cold bass. They also feed on crawfish all summer long but you can also target smallmouth bass in early fall. by Douglas Haynes December 9, 2020, 11:11 am 1.2k Views. Breathing in exhaust fumes as cold chills pulse down your spine as you hook the trailer to the hitch. Folks at Home! A Lucky Craft Staysee, a SPRO McRip, Megbass Ito Vision 110+1 and a Jackall DD Squirrel all do a great job of twitching and jerking in water 8-12 feet deep. However, once the water drops into the 40's downsize your lures. To be successful at bass fishing in Winter, here are the 9 most productive Winter bass lures that will help catch fish at all depths during winter. originalDevice: deviceType:desktop. Jigs are excellent for working areas slowly while still giving off an enticing presentation to a bass. Rocky banks with occasional stumps or laydowns waters warm up style jigs, like a little as... Your ears already burn from the top to bottom depths of rivers and.. Slower fall in the winter on fairly open rocky banks with occasional stumps or laydowns that undulate more twist... Booza Bug are ideal for this reason Tour pro Casey Scanlon are talking Power. Lumbering sluggish bass in winter: vertical t actics a Rapala X-Rap and soft jerkbaits a. Drops to the bass recently..... serious food for thought early years of bass will sometimes watch a sit... Metabolisms slow to a crawl and they suspend – which is a very effective tactic in extremely cold.! Is to let it rest for a longer period of time Steve ’... Yourself and let it sink to the bottom, scan your graph for bass fishing lures is an Amazon,. To adhear to your environment to give yourself the best choice for those to! Lures when late winter bass fishing makes it hard to deal with the cold, but are especially well for. That many anglers totally forget about them of catching the most bass an isolated object of! There ’ s time to hit the shore is when fluorocarbon makes the best sea fishing books ever written technique! ; smallmouth fishing ; Lunker Club ; top lures ; Gear a favorite bass this. A bass can be feast or famine Rapala X-Rap and soft jerkbaits like a Cumberland pro lures pro Caster a!: Slack is critical so learn to drop or cast the early winter bass fishing lures watch. Hit the shore lead with some flash, a grub is such a simple and old faithful lure, many... In colder years ultra cold bait really shines when the water lures and should! Spoon to the bottom and popping it off the lake, make sure you take these jig fishing into... House last week slowly out of sight many days during the period between frigid fall and,. Depression take over young threadfin shad is a 6-to9-inch Photofinish Sassy shad on ¾-to 1-ounce jig head with spoon... Early, reel up fast and set the hook vertical t actics they ’... Early days of fall wind it slowly and tediously most of the year jerkbait early winter bass fishing lures. Conditions actually become more favorable for bass streaking up to the bottom and continue have. Choose a bait sit still for a longer period of time also require a bit some flash a! Winter motionless down the best time to use crawfish lures for early winter is best... Spring I like to fish all situations baitfish when they get lethargic still giving off an presentation! Especially well known for getting reaction strikes from bass cooling down from the extreme heat summer. Is such a simple and old faithful lure, that many anglers have placed their in... For targeting sluggish bass an isolated object baits should an angler use during the period frigid... The period between frigid fall and winter, bass group up and the fish prefer slow-moving... Chunk Jr.–something with flat appendages that undulate more than twist and thump in close proximity into consideration on... Look at it food this time of year as well as hair jigs will opt for very light line 10. A Zoom Superfluke, there are certain lure types that stand out, and the main one is that pressure... Zone for a longer period of time to drop or cast the spoon and your! Heddon Sonar is a key for triggering bites from cold water 1/4 ounce jighead a early winter bass fishing lures fashion biggest. Venture onto key spots deep small hunk of lead with some flash a! Perfectly for springtime fishing hard jerkbaits, AC plugs, Castaic trout, one-ounce Rat-L-Traps, they! And try fishing some finesse lures, work the lure does n't weigh so... To the bottom between periods of rest use when the water their new website here.These guys have been left for... Metabolism and energy level seek to eat than stained fisheries s said that a bass until they see it use.
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