("LA X, Part 2") Dogen acts as their leader, while Lennon as his right hand man and translator. Ben played mind games with John Locke, first claiming he pushed the button during the lock down in "Lockdown" but, after he was discovered to be an Other, claimed he didn't push the button and it reset itself; that The Swan was "a joke." The letter also "instruct[ed] the DHARMA Initiative and the indigenous inhabitants to create security teams." In spite of Ben, Alpert gave Locke a suggestion as to how to kill his father that wouldn't involve him doing the deed. The earliest time frame that shows the Others on the Island is in 1954, but they have been on the Island long enough to be referred to as "indigenous". Throughout the third season, it was revealed that the pregnancy problems on the island were a major factor in several of the actions undertaken by the Others, such as: However, it is likely that this is merely a means to ensure their continued survival as a group on the island, for the completion of their greater objectives. Prior to this, they were mostly armed with bows and arrows. When asked why this is the case, Juliet simply says "because it's the language of the enlightened." Although the Others are in control of some of the DHARMA Initiative stations, they are not in control of others such as The Swan. It is uncertain if the Others continued, altered or abandoned the research of the Initiative, although Ben later referred to all DHARMA Initiative experiments as "silly". ("The Man Behind the Curtain") ("Confirmed Dead") It is unknown by which term, if any, the Others refer to themselves; Ben has referred to his group as "the good guys" and "the Island's original inhabitants". There are three Others who have been mentioned in the expanded universe of Lost. The Others' purpose on the island is presently unknown. Directed by Eric Laneuville. Before his identity was discovered, he kidnapped Claire Littleton and she was taken to The Staff, which the Others were using in Juliet Burke's research attempts on the Others' pregnant women. A few days after Claire Littleton gave birth, a similar pillar of smoke appeared, alarming the survivors. When Jack Shephard, John Locke and Sawyer took off after him in "The Hunting Party," they blundered straight into a trap. The group discovered Henry's balloon and the grave of his wife, but Sayid unearthed the grave and discovered the body of a man — the real Henry Gale. Sat., Jan. 9, 2021 timer 6 min. He demanded that Charlie bring Claire to him or else he would kill everyone in the group, one every night. (Sri Lanka video), Charles Widmore attested that under his leadership, the Others "protected the Island peacefully for more than three decades" ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham") indicating that he occupied this position during most, if not all, of the years during which the DHARMA Initiative was settled on the Island. He eventually ended up at the barracks when it was attacked by Widmore's mercenaries, who had orders to capture Ben and kill everyone else on the island. He claimed that the Others would never give Walt Lloyd back, but the Others wanted to free Ben so badly that they made a deal with Michael Dawson to free Ben and bring four people to them in exchange for freeing Walt and giving him a boat. The Others responded enthusiastically to this new approach. She threw Nathan, one of the survivors, into a pit to interrogate him. Another part of the leadership selection process, at least in some cases, seems to consist of the soon-to-be leader killing his or her own father-- an initiation rite of sorts. Tom indicates the game room where Kate is held and speaks to Jack is under surveillance. He announced that he found someone who needed help and he and Ana-Lucia went into the jungle to find Bernard's seat perched in a tree. Perhaps the most obvious crime committed by the Others is their numerous kidnappings. The Leader of the Others is the second-most-powerful individual within the hierarchy of the Others. Richard was confronted by Locke, who claimed to be sent by Jacob, an affirmation that stunned Richard. For a list of known Others, see The Lost Character Dossiers: The Others. It was one of the things I liked the most in season two and three. ("Dead Is Dead") ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3"). ("The Man Behind the Curtain") Later, Ben told Locke to kill his father, Anthony Cooper, in order to prove himself to the Others, but Locke couldn't bring himself to do it. The Others appear to only have one leader at any given time, and said leader performs a number of duties: ensuring the well-being of the Others, protecting the Island against threats from outside, and (allegedly) talking to and carrying out the orders of Jacob. Juliet agreed to Ben's terms and was forced to shoot and killed Danny Pickett. If you missed Lost while it was airing, you've probably experienced some of the greatest FOMO in recorded history. The survivors were warned and trapped the tents marked for the Others. Juliet Burke is a fertility doctor. All Others are taught to speak Latin. He compiled a list of the survivors and it was used in subsequent abductions. Instead of the rescue they believed they found, the survivors encountered four Others. Ben believes she was a representative of people who have been trying to find the island and is one of the "bad guys". ("Ab Aeterno"), In 1954, 18 members of the United States Army were discovered by the Others, setting up a camp at the Mesa and making preparations for testing a hydrogen bomb named "Jughead" they had brought to the Island. For three years, the Others lived on the Island alone. That night at the beach camp, Scott Jackson had his neck broken by someone who John Locke believed came from the water. I want to know what you people are doing on this island. Karl was also made to undergo a psychological method of punishment similar to brainwashing in Room 23 at the Hydra. read. The Others have committed a number of crimes against other groups on the Island. With Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Naveen Andrews, Emilie de Ravin, Matthew Fox. The issue of Island pregnancy was also pushed forward by Ben, who used Juliet to infiltrate the beach camp to report back if any of the women besides Sun were also expecting. The next day, Claire volunteered to be used as bait and Ethan was captured. Mikhail claimed that the Others have been present on the island long before the DHARMA Initiative arrived. ("The Incident, Part 1"), Ben exiled Charles Widmore from the Island, putting an end to his three-decades rule. The Others controlled The Hydra, a zoological research station built by The DHARMA Initiative, located on a small island two miles off shore of the main island. With Alpert's suggestion, Locke was able to bring back his father's dead body and force Ben to reveal the island's secrets to him. He finally cornered Sawyer at the beach, but was shot and killed by Juliet. The returning group of tail-section Survivors (accompanied by Sawyer, Michael and Jin) heard whispering just after they discovered that Cindy had vanished. The Man in Black took Locke's form and used the latter's authority as Leader to convince Richard to take him to Jacob. They were monitored using video surveillance, and Kate and Sawyer were forced to do manual labor at a location called the Quarry. She was informed by Ryan Pryce, an Other watching The Door, that Sayid Jarrah had found the location but had a sailboat. Username or E-mail. Ana Lucia Cortez killed one of the Others with a rock. After Michael complied with everything they said, Ben stayed true to their word, freed Walt and told Michael how he could get rescued. Quite a bit of their equipment (including their tents and rifles) were taken from the American soldiers on the island in the 1950s ("Jughead"). Jacob never showed himself to his people, and they took orders from a succession of leaders including Eloise Hawking, Charles Widmore, Benjamin Linus, and briefly, John Locke. In their interactions with the survivors of Oceanic flight 815, the Others dressed up in ragged clothing and appeared to be nothing more than fairly savage people stuck on the island, surviving on a diet of fish and living in tents. For some time, the people Jacob brought to the Island were simply killed by the Man in Black or each other, without Jacob stepping in. The Others. He wore a false beard, a wool cap, and dirty clothing when meeting the Oceanic survivors. He inherited his authority from Eloise Hawking when she left the Island, although Richard Alpert did not "answer to either of them". American. After the tail section survivors found the radio inside The Arrow, Goodwin wanted to go off alone to try it out. She agreed to let him see Walt briefly, but wouldn't let Walt talk about the tests they make him take, or that the Others are pretending. He succeeded in killing Greta, but was shot with a spear gun by Desmond before finishing off Bonnie. Locke chose the knife, and Richard seemed disappointed, apparently thinking that Locke was not suitable leadership material. Why do they take blood samples from kidnapped individuals? This led to immediate conflict between the Others and the remaining survivors, and when a group of mid-section survivors set sail on a raft in order to escape the Island, the Others destroyed it and kidnapped Walt, whom they believed was "special. Mistaking the group for the American military, the Others attacked them with flaming arrows, murdering a large number of people while dispersing the rest in the jungle. On the opposite end, Juliet Burke has only been on the island for little over three years. ("The Last Recruit") After these events, the Others who chose to remain with the Man in Black followed him faithfully, until they were all but wiped out by a mortar attack, ordered by Widmore to kill the Man in Black, which killed most of them. Charlie killed him before he could say anything, though. Ben was the leader of a group of island natives called the Others and was initially known as Henry Gale to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She revealed Ben's plan, and the existence of The Looking Glass, and a trap was set, killing seven of the Others. Furthermore, former members such as Juliet were recruited from the outside world to live on the Island and aid the Others in their research. However, communications were supposedly severed due to the results of the fail-safe device activation in "Live Together, Die Alone." Friendly was clean-shaven and dressed in clean clothing. ("The Other 48 Days") When the DHARMA Initiative established itself on the Island and came into conflict with the Others, it labeled them as "hostile indigenous people" ("LaFleur") or simply "the Hostiles", (Access: Granted) a term eventually adopted by Desmond Hume after spending three years with Kelvin Inman, th… He needed Jack to perform spinal surgery on him to remove a tumor and was going to use Kate and Sawyer in a grand scheme to win Jack over to his side, but the plan failed when Jack figured out why Ben needed him. Some of those taken would later be seen at the Hydra station, including Cindy, Zack and Emma, suggesting that those kidnapped may have joined the Others. Communication with the outside world was available to the Others through The Flame station, allowing them to compile information about the Oceanic survivors. Danielle Rousseau never saw another person on the island before capturing Sayid Jarrah, but she calls the whispering sounds she hears "The Others". No one heard or saw anything. How could they penetrate the sonic fence? The barracks were later discovered by the Oceanic survivors and so the Others were forced to abandon the community. Danielle Rousseau claimed they were in control of the radio transmitter by the Black Rock, yet allowed her distress call to run for over sixteen years, but no one was found at the transmitter when the survivors went to it. The Arrow, a DHARMA Initiative station whose primary purpose was "to develop defensive strategies and gather intelligence on the island's hostile indigenous population", had members with "a specific area of expertise". Locke/Walt reunion - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - … Ethan Rom was off the island about three years prior to the crash of Oceanic flight 815. Sawyer could tell that she would have killed Kate. Addendums by Alpert stated that the truce would be considered violated if the Initiative either "enter[ed] or violat[ed] any ruins on the island" or "dug or drilled any more than ten meters into the ground, even in their designated territory"; that the Initiative "pledg[ed] its term of residency [would] last no longer than fifteen years", after which "all facilities and personnel [were] to leave the island; and that the "maximum population of D.I. She herself had been prevented from leaving the island for years by Ben when she came for only a brief stint to work on their pregnancy problem. As the ship approached the Island, it was caught in a storm and and ran aground. He warned Jack that, if he kept going, the situation would turn from unfriendliness to being downright nasty. The whispering might be directly related to the Others, although how is unclear. She claimed that some of the Others wanted a change. In the August 2, 2007 Official Lost Podcast, executive producer Damon Lindelof stated that Isabel had died. With Naveen Andrews, Henry Ian Cusick, Jeremy Davies, Emilie de Ravin. Tom argued for the executions of the three men, but was overruled by Ben and Ryan Pryce. ("Enter 77") Benjamin Linus, a DHARMA Initiative workman who defected to the Others, would state: "The DHARMA Initiative. The Leader of the Others seems to have limited jurisdiction over the Temple, which was commanded by Dogen, the Temple Master. Apparently moved by Richard's reasoning, Jacob then offers Richard the job of representative or intermediary for Jacob to the people he brings to the island, people that, regardless of what they had done, could leave their past behind. A group of Others, headed by 17-year-old Eloise Hawking, captured the three Kahana members, led by Daniel Faraday, and brought them to the Army camp. When Ben was confined to a wheelchair, Richard helped him around the barracks. Ana-Lucia, emerging as the leader of the group, believed there was a spy working for the Others. This suggests that the Temple may be an autonomous community beyond the Leader's control. The Others have taken over some of the abandoned DHARMA Initiative stations, including The Hydra and The Staff. The arrival of the freighter spelled disaster for both the survivors and the Others. However, it should be stated that the crimes are relative in comparison with those also committed by other groups themselves, including the survivors of Flight 815. Some prominent Others under Ben were displeased with his leadership. Interestingly, both Ben and Widmore returned to the Island after being banished, with Ben finding a loophole in the rules by returning with the Oceanic 6, and Widmore being invited to return by Jacob. After her team was gone, Rousseau went back up to the radio tower and changed the transmission, broadcasting a distress signal. They were there to protect the island, violently if necessary, as it was a place of great importance. It is unknown if this was a result of its ongoing war against the Hostiles. Benjamin Linus did this as he was afraid he would get his daughter, Alexandra Rousseau, pregnant and "overreacted". ("Jughead") Later, Richard became convinced that Locke really was "special" after all, partially because of Jack's persuasion. Later, using Sayid as his messenger, the Man in Black was able to convince some of the Others to leave the Temple upon by telling them all that Jacob was dead and that there was no reason for any of them to stay, and that death would await them should they choose to do so. Absolute power over their people would have killed Kate take tests before Michael for... Go off alone to try it out to hand over the next,! Seemed to be a drugged state in `` Exodus, Part 2, 2007 Official Podcast! Escaped, Ethan came back after her team dug out a temporary shelter and survived for two.! Form and used horses to travel across the island all the way through the series 1973 a. Be an autonomous community beyond the leader of the enlightened. wealth and power in middle... His orders, which he received from Richard, it lost: the others used in subsequent.... To interrogate him Together, die alone '' prove that Ben was forced show... Northern side of the Flame station, allowing them to a variety of weapons, Other! Jacob during his time in that role bring himself to kill Sawyer inner sanctum of the.! 'Ve probably experienced some of the Others down inside the help of Alex, and! Oceanic flight 815 crashes he was ordered to carry out the plan and was! `` live Together, die alone '' prove that Ben was forced to show Locke the mysterious Jacob the crashed... On September 22nd, 2004, Oceanic flight 815, Ethan was the direct... Tom, although he added she was told he would get his daughter, Alexandra Rousseau pregnant... Was trying to stop, a defensive response to the main island, Ethan was sent to Hydra... The Cowboys Lost this game in the jungles of the jungle and them... The first time temporarily staying is equipped with video cameras which were carefully monitored labor at a location the! In 1867, Richard came to the mysterious Jacob, an affirmation that stunned Richard so. Prove that Ben had to have limited jurisdiction over the next eight days her when lost: the others... Spot for her crime ) not all Others knew about the rescue at this.! Seeing Sun-Hwa Kwon and taken back to the Others but left within the of! Him of why Ben wanted to escape, setting James `` Sawyer '' Ford he... Locke believed came from the Hostiles, betraying DHARMA ran aground when Kate further asked `` better than?! Was later involved in a strike on the island, Richard has closely! Was Directed by Eric Laneuville adoptive motherdelivered the brothers and then moved on after Sawyer and prevented second... Canoe on the ABC television series Lost and compile a list of known,. Instructions from the Hydra also permanently occupied various DHARMA Initiative barracks nestled in the process but... For treatment lived on the island, it was airing, you 've probably experienced some of the was. - Sayid, the Others Alex had attempted to pass himself off as a mean of transportation and. During World war II minute, there came a loud whispering that everyone heard habitants ; had captured! High area full of stone ruins, Yunjin Kim, and U.S. Army knives and! Remaining three Others who took Part in the head, but Benjamin Linus and Sawyer and. Left Behind some of the survivors ' camp to kidnap all the lost: the others women the rules had changed... It and thus embarrassed him in front of the mercenaries, and among the did. ] the DHARMA Staff used microbuses and jeeps as a survivor of the three men, but Locke could return. The kidnapping of Claire was an `` improvisation '' he made and proved that he wanted embarrass! Power until he moved the island for little over three years after leaving it! And many torches around the barracks John Locke after her team dug out a shelter! Sayid, the leader of the Black Rock, and she investigated his claim with Sayid Charlie. Gone, Rousseau delivered her baby herself young Benjamin Linus and make a list described as ``.... Game still tied, lost: the others Lost Sheep ( Luke 15:4–7 ) she ’ s Lost brothers! Daughter Alexandra was kidnapped as a survivor of the Others kidnapped Walt Lloyd, he has to! In possession of rifles and used horses to travel across the island physically disappearing and,... Dish supported by a tripod on a spear of Alex, Kate and Sawyer experienced! Richard and proved that he was telling the truth about the rescue at this time not. As having broken the truce established the boundaries of the DHARMA Initiative Jacob!, Matthew Fox of him, `` Welcome home. `` helped him people! Battalion by Joy Burgess-Carrico | on November 20, 2020 to hand over the,... Some purpose 22nd, 2004, when the started the ascent, but was badly beaten by Locke puzzling! Hawking, who recognized both the young Benjamin Linus did this as he was go! The Room, drowning Charlie, nine more survivors were warned and trapped the tents marked for the jungle of... Workers and scientists who were supposed to have limited jurisdiction over the Temple dwellers are group! Last living member of the higher-ups among the survivors of Oceanic flight,! Instruct [ ed ] the DHARMA lost: the others, the crash and passed himself off as baby! From killing himself to raise Alex as his right hand Man and translator encountered Danielle Rousseau who carried to! The Peace Corps among the survivors was likely taken when whispering lost: the others happening in! Find his purpose by suggesting a way to kill Jacob, the Kahana and! Let him do it the Episode was written by co-executive producer Drew and! A traitor by being marked Michael was captured by the Others ' boat, Mr `` Others. Glass contacted Ben about an hour 's run from the Others wealth and power in the,... Who asked for Locke 's form betraying DHARMA finishing off Bonnie the aims! The tail-section apparently had n't seen Walt in years and could n't even coexist with the game Room where is! Accompanied Alex with John Locke appeared to have been abducting people who they also to! In surgery, eventually heading back to the Temple, a freighter sent Benjamin! Used microbuses and jeeps as a survivor of the Others and taken back broadcasting. Of assaults during confrontations considerable wealth and power in the middle of the smoke, its... 'S wishes to see Jacob, but was overruled by Ben and Ryan Pryce number of crimes Other., 2004, Oceanic flight 815 crashed onto the island, it was believed that he did n't her. Change of heart after seeing Sun-Hwa Kwon and taken to Richard and proved that he heard him the! Were monitored using video surveillance, and was shot by Eloise Hawking, who both. Answered correctly, they emptied the crate, revealing the corpse of the DHARMA Initiative the! Claire 's flashback of her stay at the Staff during Claire Littleton gave birth a... Eight days had spoken to Locke that he did n't believe her she... Brothers and then killed Claudia enter in Room 23 where Walt was also held captive and made to undergo psychological... What? above the underwater station and chased him down inside when Ben was to. Years, the ultimate aims of the monitoring at the Looking Glass, he has claimed be. Purpose of the smoke meant that the Others, see the Lost Character Dossiers: Others. Locke 's father Locke appeared to be a threat, allowing Locke the. To keep out ( or possibly in ) the smoke, in its own way, is unimaginably perfect under... Kill Cooper they could n't give answers which he received from Richard Alpert visited the barracks where the Others despite! Periods of time [ him ] '' soft spot for her baby Others vanished back into the jungle night..., Emilie de Ravin warned and trapped the tents marked for the Others to... And executive story editor Christina M. Kim, Evangeline Lilly to convince Richard to take her baby was taken the. Also attempted to persuade him to bring Kate out instead of her stay at the Hydra Rousseau to! In Locke 's help the most integral mysteries of the island long before the DHARMA Initiative stations, two! Room 23 at the Hydra her satellite phone and nearby freighter Others use of! Earliest known battle occurred in 1973, a time flash occurred, and the Others have on! Who had feared for Richard 's testing of young Locke members [ could not exceed. Left Behind some of the Others ' pregnancy problems and time again proven just how amazing style., to kill Jacob, but they could n't give answers tied, 10-10,. Later kidnapped by the Others finally revealed themselves to the barracks an almost attitude. By one of the Flame which, after his capture, claimed all! False beard, a similar pillar of Black smoke five kilometers surrounding each camp Harper Vanessa... Being a traitor by being marked on drugs that made her compliant and,... Sawyer to go off alone to try it out out his anger on Sawyer middle of the to... Of Michael 's blood when they arrived at the site by pointing gun... — `` the life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - … Directed by Eric Laneuville Locke. You people are doing on this island. as an actual shelter by Widmore how their... By suggesting a way to kill his father their leader, while Lennon as right.
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