Ultimate", "Super Smash Bros. [197] Reuben Langdon was disappointed with Dante's characterisation in the reboot after having looked forward to it. [69], Dante is a mercenary and private investigator specialising in paranormal cases, preferring those which require demon-slaying. Not all people age the same. [78], In the original Devil May Cry from 2001, Dante is hired by Trish, a mysterious woman who resembles his late mother, to prevent the return of the devil king Mundus. [100], In DmC: Devil May Cry (2013), a Devil May Cry reboot, Dante has a very different appearance. Survives being impaled through the chest by three of Mundus' laser beams. This is true. - -BossDante.dll /*--If you are using the "SinTurbo Mod", skip step 4 and step 5 .--*/ [153] In another promotion, Sony used Dante's image alongside Morikawa's voice to promote pizza. He is named after Dante Alighieri, writer of the Divine Comedy, an epic poem heavily focused on the afterlife and Hell. [93] V eventually manages to locate him, and he spends the next several hours fighting Urizen's forces. In the story both his brother and son become far more serious as they take it upon themselves to stop their relative's threat. DEVIL MAY CRY IS BACK, BABY. Killed several demons unarmed while eating pizza. ", "El director de Devil May Cry 5 estuvo a punto de abandonar Capcom", "Review: DmC: Devil May Cry: Vergil's Downfall", "DmC Devil may Cry: Vergil's Downfall Review", "Why DmC is sexist but Bayonetta isn't – Reader's Feature", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dante_(Devil_May_Cry)&oldid=998948052, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fighters, Video game characters who can move at superhuman speeds, Video game characters with accelerated healing, Video game characters with superhuman strength, Articles with dead external links from September 2016, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 January 2021, at 19:43. Earlier in the series' chronological storyline, Dante is incredibly flippant, casually mouthing off to even the most powerful demons, and he generally enjoys rubbing people the wrong way. In the Viewtiful Joe series (also created by Hideki Kamiya), he is playable in the PlayStation 2 version of Viewtiful Joe and the PlayStation Portable version of Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble. Has literally gone through Hell and back several times. Doing math placed Dante at 28 in DMC1. [63] Langdon auditioned for the character four times before he was chosen. [170][171][172] Dante's dynamic with Nero in the following game garnered positive responses as critics found none of them overshadowed the other even if Dante's fans had to wait for the game's second half to control him while enjoying the older characterisation. [38] Daigo Ikeno was responsible for Dante's appearance in Devil May Cry 2 and 3. Translator Mike NcNamara reworked the original dialogue much to Langdon's liking alongside Itsuno's. https://characterprofile.fandom.com/wiki/Dante_(Devil_May_Cry)?oldid=30898, 18 years (Manga) / 19 (DMC 3) / 28 (DMC 1) / 29 (Anime) / Mid's 30 (DMC 2) / ~ 38 (DMC 4) / Mid 40's (DMCV), Caused an island-wide explosion by killing. One-shots Bael, a toad-like demon, in one hit with his Rebellion. Dante joins Vergil's group to oppose Mundus, eventually defeating him and freeing humanity from the demons; however, Vergil's intention to take Mundus' place triggers a fight between the brothers,[105] with Dante being victorious in the end but sparing Vergil's life. [195], Dante's characterisation has also been criticised. [139] The popularity of the Devil May Cry series led to a line of action figures, produced by Toycom;[140] Kaiyodo produced a similar line for Devil May Cry 2 and a Devil May Cry 3 Dante action figure. [18], Hideaki Itsuno said that for Devil May Cry 5, Dante was influenced by mecha anime he watched when he was young. Saying this game takes place a year later makes him 29. Anyway, Dante looked older, more rugged, while he still looked awesome, I was just … [11] Kamiya's keywords when describing the character were "composure" and "ambiance". [151] Despite finding the initial relationship between Dante and Trish weird due to her physically similarity to Dante's mother, Cheat Code Central liked the development these two characters underwent in the first Devil May Cry game and expected to see more likable relationships in the future of the franchise. [182] Hobby Consolas liked that while Dante retained some of his original skills and weapons, they liked the Cavalier based on how he could wield it in combat. Dante uses Rebellion's power to absorb the Sparda into himself, acquiring his new demonic powers alongside a new blade simply named "Dante" (ダンテ). Now allied, they become partners in Dante's demon-slaying business, now renamed Devil Never Cry. He found Dante as a more over-the-top character than Nero due to Bosch's acting and his handling of calm scenes. [187] Destructoid enjoyed the impact Vergil has on both Dante and Nero. [86] Dante and Lady befriend, with the former deciding to call his shop Devil May Cry after something Lady had said to comfort him. He was told to make Devil May Cry 4's Dante similar to his Devil May Cry 3 persona, but more mature. [95][96] After Dante defeats Urizen, V merges with him to reconstitute Vergil. Dante's coat is shorter, only reaching his lower back; his hair is black and shorter, and he has a Devil Trigger form which resembles the original Dante. [113][114] As downloadable content in Infinite, Dante's look can be altered to show his DmC appearance. He is the son of Sparda, inheriting superhuman powers which he uses with a variety of weapons in the games. That age causes a lot of head scratching with "certain" story items in this game. [33] The staff felt that Dante received more missions and weapons than they had originally intended. Dante is the main character of the Devil May Cry series, produced and directed by Capcom. [155][156] Because of the character's popularity and Capcom publishing ports for the series in 2019, multiple gamers speculated about the possible inclusion of him as downloadable content in Nintendo's fighting game Super Smash Bros. Shows no pain despite being impaled by several Hell's pride scythes and shrugs it off while removing the broken pieces. Yoshikawa wanted to make Dante older in his 30s or 40s. Dodged a point-blank rocket being fired by. Trying to remain true to Kamiya's original idea, the staff worked carefully to make his actions and personality appealing. Can make a motorcycle reach supersonic speeds. [49] The weapon Balrog, which acts as a reference to Street Fighter character Balrog, was the first weapon conceived by the team. He returns in the sequel, Project X Zone 2, with Vergil as his partner. [165] Game Rant ranked him as the best Capcom character ever, describing him as "the complete package one wants in a heroic figure. Register Log in Home. [8][9], Kamiya said that he saw Dante as "a character that you would want to go out drinking with", someone who was not a show-off but would "pull some ridiculous, mischievous joke" instead to endear people to him (and make the character familiar to audiences). [123] The character's visual appearance has also been featured as downloadable content in Capcom's Monster Hunter, Sengoku Basara 4 and Street Fighter V.[124][125][126], He appears in other media based on the video games, including two light novels by Shinya Goikeda. Fan response to this Dante led Morihashi to say that the team was inspired by the Devil May Cry Dante but needed to change him. (Spoilers) User Info: MonkeyMaster007. Despite managing to eliminating the demons, Nero's sword the Red Queen was massively damaged.
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