When the sun goes down, flip on the lights and get in on summer’s best bass … Yorihixava. SUMMER LARGEMOUTH TACTICSThe dog days of summer. How to Catch Bass In The Summer. May 2020 Feature PDB Staff Report. Please Like and Share. A few more things to consider: I get a lot of funny looks and smart-aleck remarks, but I wear the biggest, goofiest hats I can possibly find when summertime fishing. Like we’ve said before, if you can see the bass, they can see you. WATCH IN HD. Wearing a big hat and fishing out of a float tube is a fun and fantastically productive way to stay cool while fishing for big summer bass! By Colin Moore. WATCH IN HD. The thermometer was defeating me, but he was having a day to die for. These secret tips will help … Line. Don't be surprised if you find bass stacked up in current and catch 100+ fish a day, and who knows, there might even be a GIANT bass in the mix! Line plays a significant role in the how to catch big bass equation. Report. As you cannot see the underwater situation with your own eyes unless you are bass fishing in crystal clear water, you need something which can find the fishes for you. WATCH IN HD. Truth be told, the late summer and early fall is often a frustrating time of year to catch big bass. I show you my 3 favorite methods to catch big bass in the summer. Find out how to haul in big catches despite the high temperatures. If you’re going to chase around big bass in clear waters, it would be important to consider the fish’s protection. I show you my 3 favorite methods to catch big bass in the summer. source. Below is a breakdown of the lures and equipment we use to target Summer bass. However, the best time to catch Largemouth is during the hotter summer seasons when the water is above 70 degrees and especially at night when there is a mass movement of the fish in shallow waters. Some days, a change in blade size can make a big difference. Don’t spend too much time trying to catch a particular bass as well; you might go home empty-handed. I show you my 3 favorite methods to catch big bass in the summer. Name (required) Email (required) Website. I carry an assortment of spinnerbaits from 1/4 to 3/4 oz. Let’s wrap it up by covering some specific lure ideas. Catching bass in ponds isn’t nearly as hard when you know where the bass are. How to Catch Bass on Summer’s Hottest Days. During fall bass are erratic and feed closer to shore like the temperature drops. If you are using crank-bait then you can easily catch deep water bass with … For the good side, summer is the most predictable of all the seasons, and bass patterns are the most stable. As the adage goes, there are plenty more fish in the sea. I show you my 3 favorite methods to catch big bass in the summer. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Go Finesse. They will also move into shallower areas sometimes for spawns, but there are fish that spawn in deeper water as well. Summer is a great time to get up in the cool current and boat some massive smallmouth and largemouth, particularly in river systems. As real summer progress and warm-water temperatures escalate from the near "ideals" of springtime conditions (upper 50s to lower 60s) things often change in a hurry on the bass-fishing front. Folks today, we go bass fishing on … source Bass don’t like swimming in the bright sun because it hurts their eyes and makes it hard for them to see. The high temperatures send the bass deeper in the water and force them to wait for morning or evening to feed.
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