The National Maritime Union is a union of merchant seamen, founded in 1937. The Seaman: The Official Organ of the National Union of Seamen My dad is a diehard Union man and in his working life, was heavily involved in negotiations for better contracts for civic employees. Include in your letter the full name, address, and telephone number of the individual making the request. This volume, the third in a series of indexes to early merchant seamen's records, completes the project of indexing all of the Seamen's Protection Certficate applications and related proofs of citizenship held by the National Archives in Washington, D.C. [7] In 1970, it finally secured its first sponsored Member of Parliament, John Prescott, who became a prominent national figure. C $33.65. Affiliated to the TRADES AND LABOR CONGRESS , this effective, well-supported, nationalist, communist-led industrial union contributed handsomely to Canada's WWII effort despite the leadership's flip-flops. Most notably they contain rich genealogical history, … Other sections of the trade union and labour movement were also strongly critical of the NSFU's detrimental collusion with employers. A National Seamen's Reform Movement was established in the latter year. In the only issue the museum has for 1940, it is titled the ‘National Union of Seamen’. Brand New. Rank and File Committees, building on the earlier Minority Movement, were established in many ports, and unofficial strikes took place in 1947, 1955 and 1960. It adopted the title 'National Union of Seamen' in 1926. [6] By 1960, it enjoyed a close relationship with the party and, unusually, every one of its local branches was affiliated to its Constituency Labour Party. In the changing context of the nineteenth century, when legal restrictions against combination were removed and communications became increasingly easy, the trade union movement evolved rapidly from its original craft base. In 1990 the union amalgamated with the National Union of Railwaymen to form the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers. Merchant seamen who were discharged from the navy between 1940 and 1972 had their records filed … The NUS's almost-closed shop made the union stronger. The National Union of Seamen (NUS) was the principal trade union of merchant seafarers in the United Kingdom from the late 1880s to 1990. From the September-October 1943 issue, the magazine is again titled: ‘The Seaman : the Official Organ National Union of Seamen’. On 16 May 1966, the NUS launched its first national strike since 1911. The strike aimed to secure higher wages and to reduce the working week from 56 to 40 hours. Records of the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen, 1863–1921 The records of the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen consist of crew lists and agreements with seamen regarding wage rates, conditions of service and related information of ships, registered in what is now the Republic of Ireland between 1863 and 1921. Although of considerable local importance, the organisation remained much smaller and less influential at a national level than the National Sailors' and Firemen's Union, (NSFU). Records changed over time, and those that still exist have been filed under a range of catalogue numbers, though at least the bulk of them are held in one repository: The National Archives at Kew. When the National Union of Seamen vacated its old headquarters at Maritime House, two large basements of records had been left behind and a selection had to be made of which records to save. These episodes depleted its funds and led to a large fall in membership. On 23 May, a week after the outbreak of the strike, the Government declared a state of emergency, but emergency powers were not used. The strike finally came to an end on 1 July. • Catalogue of the NUS archives, held at the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick The term failed to recognise that women were also members; some seawomen had earlier organized in an unsuccessful Guild of Stewardesses. WorldCat record id: 477248633. Search Advanced Search Newspapers & Gazettes Magazines & Newsletters Images, Maps & Artefacts Research & Reports Books & Libraries Diaries, Letters & Archives Music, Audio & Video People & Organisations Websites Lists Contemporaries often regarded the NSFU as a militant organisation because of the strikes in which it had involved itself in the late 1880s and in 1911. It quickly spread to other ports and had become genuinely national by the end of 1888. The contents of the records vary, but they usually include name, age, place of birth, register ticket, ship names, and dates of voyages.
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