This is where the player character first encounters the new Team Plasma. I'm going to try to upload at least twice a week, more if i get good reviews and ideas!! From your front door head left and up the street where you will run into your best mate and his little sister, who will stop you to ask about you getting a Pokemon like they heard. FLOCCESY TOWN: Floccesy Town, may seem like any old town, until you encounter former champion, Alder, near the Pokemon Center. Floccesy Ranch is visited near the beginning of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. After choosing snivy and getting the POKEDEX your rival will want to battle with his Tepig ( level 5 ) as long as you keep using tackle you should be fine. Take this opportunity to heal up your Pokemon, too. Floccesy Ranch is visited near the beginning of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Floccesy Ranch is a small ranch lying north of Route 20. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. We offer a reliable, safe, and fun environment for fans to pursue their interests in the many facets of the Pokémon franchise. At the top is a massive stone which Keldeo will interact with and learn secret sword. Apparently he made his way to Floccesy Ranch. He questioned why we have two town maps. Guide Information. To the west of Lacunosa Town is Route 12 and to the east is Route 13. According to the owner, it started when a fence was made to protect Pokémon. That's right... we have to deliver this town map to our rival. Interact with the rock will teach Kedleo secret sword. In the house directly to the right of the Pokemon Center, you can talk to the old man in there and he will give you a Potion. 13 Floccesy. You’ll also meet Benga, his grandson. Located in the southwest of the region, this town is only noteworthy for being the home of former Champion, Alder. Once you're done, go back outside and continue right. Floccesy Town. There is a bit o.. Take it to Pledge Grove (behind Alder's house north of Floccesy Town). Go north to the fenced-in area to find Hugh. This location is only accessible after White Treehollow is completed. User Info: itachikage. The Oath Forest is a small area to the north of Floccesy Town and doesn't offer much. Receive the Potion from the old guy living in a house in the southeastern corner of the town. Comments Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. We found this nice guy who gave me a potion. His pokémon is level 8. Let's explore a little first. First thing’s first, enter the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon. RELATED: 10 Best Cities & Towns Across Every Pokémon Game, Ranked. There doesn't seem to be much to do here, so we'll head north toward Alder's house. You can also meet Alder at his home in the north part of this town. First thing's first, enter the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon. Battle Hugh. The ghosts of Cobalion, Virizon and Terrakion appear and Keldeo will transform into its Resolute Forme. Where will this interactive story go? Floccesy Town. You can trade a Mareep for a Magnemite in a house with Colress, an ex member of Team Plasma. There are several different methods you can use to brainstorm or choose your town name:Method 1 -- Using an existing name: Maybe there is a name or location out there that has special significance for you, so naming your Animal Crossing town after it will make your town … You can follow him, but first go to the house directly right of the PokeCenter. itachikage - 7 years ago 2 0. Have Pokemon Battles with two School Kids. Explore Floccesy Town further * * indicates the next chapter is blank and needs to be created. He will challenge you to a pokémon battle. You'll once again talk to Alder before he walks off to your north, waiting for you to follow. This cannot be changed after selecting. Bring a Keldeo to the rock at Pledge Grove, north of Floccesy Town. floccesy town. Go north of Floccesy Town, Follow the path right next to alder's house and keep going north until you reach it. You’ll once again talk to Alder before he walks off to your north. To get there, the player needs to go on the right side of Alder's house to find the entrance. ... then exit back to Route 20 and take the shortcut over the western ledges back to Floccesy Town. It is located north of Route 20. It is a small farm adjacent to a river. Alder is waiting right by the Pokemon Center, but he wanders off after you approach him. Floccesy Ranch (Japanese: サンギ牧場 Sangi Ranch) is a farm-like location in southwest Unova. When you continue north, you find yourself in Floccesy Ranch. Enter the first house to the right of the Pokemon Center and talk to the bald man inside. Reason: Needs a full route map for all seasons. RELIC SONG: Effect: Type: Damage : PP: Power: Acc: Has a 10% chance to put any targets to sleep. Alder will greet you at the entrance to the town, then head off toward his house. Go east to proceed to Route 20. Visit Alder! This article is incomplete. 4 Floccesy Town; Intro. Head north from the old clock tower to meet Alder. arriving to Floccesy Town. Thanks for reading I'm just starting out so any mistakes I apologise in advance for! Edit this page; Appendix:Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough/Section 2 < Appendix:Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough Inside there is an old man who will give you a Potion for talking to him. Please feel free to edit this article to add missing information and complete it. It is a small farm adjacent to a river. Here, Keldeo can be taught Secret Sword, allowing it to enter its Resolution Forme. But first, there are a few items inside of the houes, so pick them up really quickly. The husband and wife who own Floccesy Ranch will come by and give you each a potion. In the southwest portion of the route, the Cave of Being can be found by surfing and climbing a waterfall. Talk with Alder. You can go up north through Floccesy Town to reach Floccesy Ranch, east to head on to Route 20, or explore Floccesy Town further. After selecting New Game you are asked to choose your character's gender. As you try to leave Floccesy Town, Alder will stop you the same way he did when you first entered - from the cliff. It is also the location of the Floccesy Ranch and the Cave of Being. Lacunosa Town (Japanese: カゴメタウン Kagome Town) is a town in the north-east of the Unova region. Move back north and move east along the narrow path that was mentioned. This is the second route you'll travel on in Unova if you start from Aspertia City. Unova (Japanese: イッシュ Isshu; Spanish: Teselia) is a region quite distant from some other main regions and thus has different Pokémon. 0 votes . Continue right until Hugh catches up. Mew: Okay. Floccesy Town is very small, with only a PokeCenter and a couple small houses, so there isn't much to do here. Notes: My first ever fic! As long as the little pony knows Secret Sword, he will stay in Resolute form. According to the owner, it started when a fence was made to protect Pokémon. Route 20 is in south western Unova between Floccesy Town in the east and Virbank City west. answered Sep 5, 2012 by Exca le roi selected Sep 5, 2012 by LeDragónTamer. He will tell you to meet him at the top of the city, so do what he tells you. 03) Floccesy Town. It is located north of Route 20. Floccesy Ranch is also located at the north of Route 20. It has an incredibly varied landscape; with two mountain ranges, woodland areas, marshes and a desert spread across its islands. There isn't a much more boring place in Unova than Floccesy Town. He can be battled here after the main story of the game. When you start off after the cut scene you will have to look for bianca, head to the north of the town here you should see some stairs leading to aspertia city to bianca and choose a snivy . He’ll give you a Potion. PokéMelbourne is community of fans residing in and around the Melbourne area. Floccesy Ranch is a farm-like location in southwest Unova. After you find lost Herdier at Floccesy Ranch, return to Floccesy Town to meet Alder. Map description Required for navigation Connecting locations Route 20 Location Unova Route 20 Location of Route 20 Pokémon world routes Route 20 (Japanese: 20番道路 Route 20) is a route in southwestern Unova, connecting Floccesy Town to Virbank City. Also because of this, the Route numbers start at 1, onwards. Hope it helps! We decided to explore the town a little. 2. I did the same thing you did (taught Secret Sword in White), so what I did I taught him Toxic over Secret Sword, then took him to Pledge Grove & re-taught it to him. The ranch has a simple building and a large area of tall grass to the side, where numerous wild Pokémon can be found and various Mareep can be spotted during the day. Answer this Question. You're browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest. Keldeo will pop out of its Pokeball and you'll get prompted to teach it Sacred Sword. Pledge Grove is a forest located in southwestern Unova, more specifically north of Floccesy Town. Route 20. He'll hand you some Oran Berries (5 to be exact) which when held by a Pokemon will allow the chosen Pokemon to recover 10 Hit Points - or HP - in battle without the need to waste a turn to use the item. After you win, you will give Hugh the Town Map. Exit and move north up the street. Once you’re done, go back outside and continue right. Head to the Ranch/Route 20. You now have these choices: 1. Follow Alder into his house. Just SURF and head east to reach Floccesy Town. Look for Herdier.
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